Lemon cranberry scones, and Halloween melons

Two recent food-related triumphs:  1) my first attempt at scones, a success! 2) Halloween melon carving, a new tradition.



I have wanted to learn how to make scones for a long time.  Scones are one of the most delicious baked-things out there, and yet, for every good scone, there seem to be a thousand terrible, stale, dry, depressing ones lurking in coffee shops, temping and disappointing me.  I think the best reason to cook, to experiment in the kitchen, is to be able to eat things you can’t buy easily. And I just can’t seem to buy a fresh, crumbly, tasty scone.

However, I have always put off trying, because I was sure I would mess it up.

Friday night, in a frenzy of domesticity, I stayed up until 2 am cleaning my house, doing laundry, and making scones.

It totally paid off.  They were so good.  In the spirit of Fall, I went for the lemon cranberry scones from Smitten Kitchen.  As she suggested, I flash-froze them, and baked a batch Sunday morning for my lovely house-guests- Erin, Melissa, Willy, and Dan- who were adventurous enough to leave the Bay and come to Davis for Halloween.

peeling the lemon


chopping cranberries

egg+egg yolk+cream


dough. BARELY mixed.

forming the scones

scones, ready to be baked. or flash-frozen.

Halloween melons!

As for the second triumph, I am never carving a pumpkin again.  Both the Nugget and Safeway had run out of pumpkins on Halloween, so we had to get creative.  Willy went with a watermelon, Dan with a honeydew, and I with a cantaloupe.  I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before.  Our melons glowed red, green, and orange.  And, we got to eat melon.  We even made it into a granita of sorts.


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